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Alex Bateman accepts the 2010 Benjamin Franklin award

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mistakes were made
High throughput sequencing for neuroscience
A computational biologist walks into a museum
A man for our season

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the first DACA Rhodes Scholar
'tis the season
Open faculty position in Harvard FAS Systems Biology

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HMMER 3.4 release
Farrar's striped SIMD Smith/Waterman
HMMER 3.2.1
HMMER 3.2 release
Thread count in HMMER3 is updating
HMMER mission control: we are go for launch vehicle separation(s)
HMMER 3.1 beta test 2 released
HMMER3.1 beta test 1 released
Join Rob's HMMER team
More domains and motifs
Interactive, iterative searches using jackhmmer
A different view on search results
HMMER3 is stubborn
hmmscan vs. hmmsearch speed: the numerology
HMMER3 at your (web) service
Updated user guide
Three of many possible reasons why I haven't responded to your email about HMMER.
HMMER 3.0rc2: HMMER3's release candidate 2
bug #h77: hmmalign corrupts column before an all-delete column
HMMER 3.0rc1: HMMER3's release candidate 1
HMMER 3.0b3: the final beta test release
Summary of known bugs (so far) in 3.0b2
Radio silence: ended
Missing fingers.
Graduation day: HMMER3 beta test (3.0b1) release
HMMER policy on trademark, copyright, patents, and licensing
Using HMMER2 models with HMMER3: don't do that.
HMMER 3 alpha test 2 release (3.0a2)
The need for (vector) speed.
HMMER3 alpha test release
HMMER3 alpha test release: Monday January 12
HMMER, reloaded

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ENCODE says what?

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Our faculty search so far

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Fall 2018 MCB112 teaching fellows
from zero to python
Biological Data Analysis

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Graeme Mitchison
Congratulations Dr. Eddy
St. Louis
In memoriam.
A morning in the Ghibli Museum
Robert "Daz" Myers, 96.

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Teddy bear genomics