Open software/web engineer positions

The lab's growing - the new space opened in November - and we're starting to get settled in. Now we're looking for a scientific software engineer and a web portal engineer to join the group.

The scientific software engineer will play key roles in the HMMER and Infernal projects, including optimization, parallelization, automated testing, and coordination with other open source developers in academia and industry. I'm especially looking for someone with experience in parallelization, including SIMD vector parallelization, POSIX threads, and MPI.

The web portal engineer will be a jack (or jill!) of many trades, taking charge of many the lab's various outward-facing portals for distributing software, papers, and documentation from our group, including our web site and our GitHub repositories.

We have ads out for these positions with some additional information, such as these at Nature for the scientific software engineer and the web portal engineer. To apply, you can go through one of the ads or straight to the HHMI application system: here, for the scientific software engineer, or here, for the web portal engineer. The ads run through the end of February, I believe, but we will keep looking until these positions are filled.