New positions opening in the group

Construction on the new laboratory here at Harvard is starting to look like it might actually get done. They’re projecting our move-in date to be the first week of November. I’ve been meeting with prospective rotation students and postdoc candidates, even though we still have no place to put anyone or anything. It feels like we have a bunch of planes in the air stacked up in holding patterns, waiting for the bulldozers to finish the runway.

I plan to search for three key staff positions this fall. The first open position is our all-important administrative lab coordinator. I’m already sorely missing our lab coordinators over the years at Janelia, Margaret Jefferies, Patrice Neville, and Sarah Moorehead, and we don’t even have an open lab here yet. An ad is now out in all the fashionable color supplements (here’s the one at Nature Jobs). Help us spread the word, if you know of someone who might be interested in the position!

The other two positions will be two scientific software developers, working on our main codebases in HMMER, Infernal, and Easel. We’re going to make a push on the high performance computing ends of things, including parallelization (SIMD vectorization, threading, and MPI), so I want to find a software engineer with experience in C programming in parallel HPC scientific applications. We’re also going to make a push in the visualization and web development end of things, so I want to find a web developer with experience in data visualization who’d also be interested in being a general guru of much of our front-facing stuff, including our web presence, issue tracking, github, and software distribution. I don’t have ads out for these positions yet, but will do soon-ish.

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  1. Please don’t use MPI unless there is a compelling reason to. It is not a very good HPC system for biologists running embarassingly parallel jobs. Instead, use systems like Thrift RPC. I am happy to expand on why this is a good choice, if you desire.

    This message left by a biologist who is also a software developer and distributed systems engineer with many years of experience with MPI and RPC who wants to run HMMER on large-scale infrastructure.



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