Join Rob’s HMMER team


Rob Finn’s HMMER web services team is expanding. We’re looking for people to apply to two new positions to help Rob and Jody push forward on some important ideas for our services. We’re pushing in the direction of using more phylogenetic information (species trees) as we compute database homology searches and deliver the results — organizing everything on trees, rather than treating the protein database as a bag of unrelated sequences, as we (the community) have tended to do in the past. We’ll need help on the data visualization side (navigating search results organized on the tree of life), on the computing back end (accelerating our searches by searching representative subsets of complete proteomes, rather than “all” sequences — which will allow us to deliver fully interactive search times, measured in milliseconds), and on collaborative efforts with the primary protein sequence and genome data resources, as we (the community) get our data ecosystem organized around complete annotated genomes, not individual protein sequences. The positions, written in HR-speak, are advertised on HHMI’s web site here and here.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I presume that if you’re going the tree-based route, you’re talking to Paul Thomas at Panther – I’m sure he’d be interested in talking to you…




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