The next five years of computational genomics at NHGRI


The NIH National Human Genome Research Institute is going through a process of making plans for the next five years of research in genomics, including computational genomics. In the past couple of months I’ve been at two planning meetings – the Cloud Computing workshop (31 March – 1 April) and most recently the NHGRI Informatics and Analysis Planning Meeting (21-22 April). Goncalo Abecasis and I got the job of trying to summarize the consensus of the Informatics and Analysis meeting. I’m not sure how good I am at identifying consensus, but I just sent off four pages of notes to Vivien Bonazzi, one of NHGRI’s informatics program officers, describing some of my personal views of the future, strongly colored by the discussions at the planning meetings. I thought I’d share the same comments here. Transparency in government and all that. Just imagine all the potential conflicts of interest here; good thing I’m paid by a dead billionaire, not so much by federal tax dollars.

Anyone with an interest in how the sausage is made at NIH might want to peek under the hood, below. Continue reading →