HMMER 3.0rc1: HMMER3’s release candidate 1


After a year of alpha and beta testing, HMMER3 is ready. Release candidate 1 is available for download as a tarball. It includes precompiled binaries for Intel/Linux systems, both 64-bit (x86_84) and 32-bit (ia32) platforms, and you may just copy these into some directory in your $PATH if you like. If the precompiled versions don’t work for you, you can always compile your own version from the source.

Of course, “ready” is a euphemism for the balance of terror between the community complaining that Pfam (and Interpro, and more) are running on our beta test code, versus our never-ending to-do list of things we want H3 to do. We’re at a stable release point, but we also have a lot left on our to-do lists.

Assuming we don’t find anything more than a few typos in 3.0rc1, we’ll upgrade to a full 3.0 release in a few days.

The release notes for 3.0rc1 follow:
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